The Girl who was a Gentleman

Can a girl find true love … dressed up as a man?

London, 1872. In Victorian England, opportunities are scarce for Joanna and her sisters. Their only hope is to marry well, but who would take one of the penniless sisters as a wife? Joanna doesn’t believe in fairy tales, and chooses to be her own prince. Hence, she decides to pursue a career of her own by attending the prestigious Oliver Kenwood Boarding School – disguised as a boy.

If only it weren’t for her cunning yet fascinating teacher Charles Hanson who seems to dislike her quite passionately. With him watching her every step, she finds it increasingly difficult to hold up her disguise, particularly when rich and confident Abigail sets her eyes on Hanson – why does it bother Joanna quite so much? And is her secret really as safe as she hopes?

Die Englische Ausgabe zu Das Herz eines Gentleman
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Anna Jane Greenville faszinierte das Erzählen von Geschichten schon immer. Sie liebt romantische, abenteuerliche, moderne und klassische Romane und kann ganze Tage in Buchläden verbringen. Ihre literarischen Einflüsse sind unter anderem ihre Lieblingsautoren Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Johnston McCulley, Rainbow Rowell und Nick Hornby.


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„Very enjoyable read, well written and at times funny. I liked the heroine, she is clever and tough. The male love interest is a total babe“ (Amazon)

„I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves humorous, romantic stories. The victorian setting is also very well-researched.“ (Amazon)

The Girl Who Was A Gentleman is a story about a head-strong and brave young woman who challenges social inequalities in Victorian London. Though the concept of a girl dressing up as a man/boy is not new I found this to be an interesting read that managed to show a slightly different take on the matter. The dynamics between the main characters added a quick pace to the story and I appreciated the many plot-twists (some of which were rather unexpected).“ (Amazon)

„This book made me laugh out loud (which is honestly a very hard thing to do) shout out with desperation and also at one point brought a tear to my eye.! It’s well worth the read, very rewarding, the story has so many plot twists it’s hard to tell what’s coming next!!“ (Amazon)